Monday, 21 December 2020

Maintaining Your Wood Flooring Starts With Sanding & Refinishing Every 3-5 Years

As time passes, as soon as your wood flooring starts to shed it's sheen, then they may be revived through re-coating. This involves applying a fresh coat of timber flooring finish. How frequently you are going to need to do this is dependent upon your family's lifestyle. Before your flooring can be re-coated they'll have to be re-fininished. For ordinary warn hardwood flooring, sanding will most probably be required.

Leytonstone Floor Sanding Conventional hardwood floor refurbishing is generally a very dusty procedure -- a dust-storm into your house, lingering dust on your air-ducts, along with also a cleanup headache that seems as though it's going to never end. The Atomic DCS provides a cleaner, fitter and quicker sanding procedure reducing dust much beyond what the conventional sanding procedure creates.

The revolutionary idea of the atomic system would be to get a highly effective vacuum connected to all the sanding gear, evacuating the airborne dust made in the sanding process, and collecting it to our nuclear trailer, which can be parked outside your house. In addition, we use strong, portable dust containment systems.

Leytonstone Floor Sanding is a Engineered hardwood floor company that's been taking excellent care Leytonstone homeowners and companies' flooring demands for at least 25 decades. From installation and sales to fix and refinishing, you are going to believe that you and your hardwood floors are in great hands.

Tune-in following month to get a more detailed procedure for The Bona Atomic DCS Procedure: